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10 Contestants Who Fought With Salman Khan On Bigg Boss

Loud fights, arguments, controversies and Bigg Boss cross hand in hand.

Bigg Boss is the important source of drama for lots TV buffs- random activities, weird tasks, competition for captaincy, vote outs and what no longer! So the fights and arguments are simplest obvious among too many ‘famous’ folks that are sharing one roof.

Maybe the display format is like that, few primary fights among contestants and one major argument among a contestant and Salman Khan because TRP and the buzz also matter!

So here’s a listing of contestants who made the worst choice ever of messing with the host, Salman Khan. Little did they realize that Bhai doesn’t spare all and sundry.

Priyanka Jagga

Priyanka Jagga was amongst the loudest contestants in the house. Loud cries and fights were totally her thing!

Imam Siddique


Imam Siddique is a fashion stylist who appeared in the sixth season of Bigg Boss. One of the most trouble  contestants, Imam was fight with Salman for not following the rules and taking nonsense.

Swami Om

From throwing his pee on Bani J and getting involved in a literal fight with many contestants, Swami Om was the king of Bigg Boss Season 10 controversies.

Akashdeep Saigal

The guy who liked to be called Skai, Akashdeep Saigal had an argument with Salman which continued even after the show ended.

Saigal accused the host of destroying his career, to which the host said, “I never hired any PR to destroy a career. I don’t have a petty mind. I don’t take 10 people along with me to make myself seem more powerful.”

Zubair Khan

Qualifying as the most controversial contestant of Season 11, Zubair Khan fought with everyone on the show including Salman Khan.

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