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10 Incredibly Rare Photographs you never see before !

Incredibly Rare Photographs you never see before !

We all recognize about the endless cosmos.  We know it cannot be explored in a single lifetime. A picture has the capacity to intrigue even the most seasoned wanderer with its appeal. A a ways cry from the maximum stereotypical landscapes, we have tried to bring together a few such photos that remind us that there’s a lot more to the arena past what we know.

Nature gives a mess of a always evolving phenomenon known as life. The rare factors of existence captured in these images are going to go away you awestruck for positive.

The rock formation in an Indonesian Island has this hand print that is supposed to be 27,000 years old











This man got struck by lightning and this is the mark that appeared on his arm


Scientists examined a 1,000 year old statue

A coin of 100 Rupiah in Indonesia is so light that it doesn’t even break the surface tension of water

Dripping oil that froze on this stone forming an astonishing structure of  droplets

The bonding of an eclipse and the sunset

The inside of an ice cave made by a volcano




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