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5 English TV Shows That Always Make History |True Face Pakistani

5 English TV Shows That Always Make History |True Face Pakistani

He time has gone while millennials used to look at saas-bahu serials. Frankly, we opt for looking Ian Somerhalder from Vampire Diaries instead of looking Mouni Roy in Nagin. We agree with Netflix is an convenient watch, more than television. We, millennials are greater into binge-looking mainstream English pop culture suggests.

Since I am a serious binge watcher, on every occasion I finish a series I assume how it might were if the equal collection turned into made in India. That’s why, this:


I know you’d say that this series ended way back, but as it is said the older the wine, better the taste. There’s a reason why it is the best-known American sitcom in the world.

How I Met Your Mother 


Okay! So, I am wondering how should I describe the story that took Ted Mosby 9 seasons to explain. Nevertheless, the series sure had a lot of fans.

Well, another supe  rhit sitcom that Americans brought in was HIMYM. It was a comedy, romantic comedy and a bit casanova-placed show based on the lives of 20-something-year-old friends.

Game of Thrones

Before I start, I want to clarify that GoT is not just a show dedicated to fantasy lovers, but is something that’s made for one and all.

The Vampire Diaries


To all Sherlock fans, I know you’ll agree when I say Sherlock is one of the best thrill-crime-drama television series ever. (No, I am not saying this just because I am huuu…ge Benedict Cumberbatch fan?) 



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