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Pakistani filmmaker’s Darling makes it to Venice Film Festival

Pakistani filmmaker Saim Sadiq’s masterpiece Darling has made it to the esteemed Venice Film Festival, the world’s oldest film festival. With the City of Gardens as its backdrop, Darling is set in a dance theater in Lahore and unravels the story of a young boy and a trans girl. Breaking conventional heteronormative narratives, Darling highlights experiences …

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WHO says e-cigarettes ‘undoubtedly harmful’

Electronic cigarettes are “undoubtedly harmful” and should be regulated, the WHO said on Friday as it warned against the use of vaping products by smokers trying to quit their deadly habit. The growing popularity of e-cigarettes, battery-powered devices that enable users to inhale addictive nicotine liquids, has raised fears among …

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Ulema & science

THE debate about religion and science dates back centuries. The debate is not about a technical matter, but about two realms of knowledge — theological and scientific. There seems to be an epistemological clash of validity between the two, apparently with each claiming sway over human life. Faith leaders or …

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A ‘free’ media

PRIME MINISTER Imran Khan during his visit to the US made certain assertions about press freedom in Pakistan that are difficult to square with the facts. During his joint press conference with President Donald Trump, Mr Khan declared: “To say there are curbs on Pakistani press is a joke.” Later, …

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