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beauty of pakistan “hunza valley”

Hunza valley :

Hunza  is a mountainous valley in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan. Hunza is situated in the extreme northern part of Pakistan, bordering with the Wakhan Corridor of Afghanistan and the Xinjiang region of China. Hunza (ہنزہ‎), also known as Kanjut, was a princely state in a subsidiary alliance with British India from 1892 to August 1947, for three months was unaligned, and then from November 1947 until 1974 was a princely state of Pakistan.

foods of hunza valley:

If you have good control on your appetite you can try these delicious traditional foods of Hunza valley Gilgit Baltistan. Hunza will serve you a variety of traditional foods on different occasions. These foods are very rich in taste. You will find the true taste of nature and purity in these foods. The most popular foods of hunza valley is

1Go-lee/ Giyaling

Go-Lee is to make your breakfast savory. It is usually served on breakfast on usual occasions but also cooked on special occasions as well. Normally it is best with a Namkeen Chai, but you can eat it with simple chai if you feel uncomfortable with the namkeen thing


Harisaaaa is one of the acclaimed dishes of Hunza. The dish is prepared by wheat, boiled meat, and nearby oil, sometimes they use butter as an oil and sometimes they use dry apricot seeds as an oil with Harissa. The dish is exceptional regarding taste, simple to process and solid in the handling of proteins. this dish is served on the extraordinary event including wedding functions.


Chapshuro is one of the most delicious dishes of Gilgit Baltistan. It is the Gilgit Baltistan version of pizza. Chap Shuroo is a bread filled with a mixture of chopped Beef/Yalk meat,
onion, and other spices. Chapshoro is filled with chopped meat (lamb, beef), onions, chilepeppers, tomato and fresh coriander leaves. They are baked on medium heat on for 15 minutes, until golden brown. Jugloot Gouro is the famous place for most delicious Chapchurro in Gilgit Baltistan.

4Shopan / Joqes.

Shopan/joqeṣ̌ is a traditional dish from Gilgit-Baltistan particularly prepared on the occasion of Nasalo/Nos (Death celebration of cannibal king, Shari Badat). In Scotland, they call it Haggis and is their national dish.

 5Diram Fitti. 

Diram Fitti is a local and traditional food in Hunza, it is an energetic food to the people. Diram Fiti bread made from sprouted wheat flour which gives natural sweetness. It is served by mixing butter, almond or apricot oil. The most of Hunza people agriculturist. They work hard in their fields. So for work they have to consume more energetic foods. Diram Fitti is one of the best diets for hard working people in Hunza.


Mamtu is delicious cubes meal flour centrally filled with mutton/Beef and spicy ingredients. Life is so endlessly delicious. Plan a tour to Gilgit Baltistan. Take a taste of Mamtu and seize the moment for your life. There is no love sincerer than the love of food. Made your love for Mamtu lifetime. Mamtu, the dumplings of North, is a unique and very tasty dish in Gilgit Baltistan. Mamtu is very delicious fast food originally came from China. In Pakistan, you can only find Mamtu in Gilgit Baltistan. Some may consider it a traditional food of Gilgit Baltistan. It cooking process is special as its taste. It is not cooked by any direct means. It is cooked in a flow of steam.


A special dish made during Nasalo (A traditional celebration) and preserved it to consume on chilly days of winter specially Baw-no. Gittey( Git:), singular), more or less looks and taste like sausages, made with intestines of the sacrificed animal on the occasion of Nasalo/Nos.


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