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GoT Season 8 Teaser Is Out And We Cannot Wait To Find Out

GoT Season 8 Teaser Is Out And We Cannot Wait To Find Out

Wake up Game of Thrones fanatics, awaken! The trailer of the eighth and unfortunately the final season is out!

Now, we all can recognize what certainly passed off between our love Jon Snow and his new love Daenerys. And aren’t you guys eager to know what is the Army of the useless going do with an ice dragon by using their facet?

Well, the trailer will subtly screen the final showdown of what takes place when Ice and Fire are crossing lines.

Read in addition if you can not keep your exhilaration (Just like me!) to recognise what is the trailer approximately:

The battle of the kingdoms and the ice and fire is here.

It begins with a sharp wave of snow that is turning everything that comes in its way into ice including the dire wolf that signifies House Stark and the dragon that signifies House Targaryen.

The winter is here and they all prepared for it?


The trailer drop recommendations at the fact that the Whitewalkers may take over the entirety – The Wall and Westeros.

Or perhaps the union of Jon and Khaleesi (who’ve no clue that they are related!) will store the s

This burning lion could be symbol that the Lannisters are awaiting their doom.

But, but, but… we know Cersei and her ways!

Plus she’s expecting a child so one can expect many twists and turns.

The last season of Game of Thrones will have ONLY 6 episodes.

But let’s see what the Army of Dead has this time, slowly marching towards The Wall and the Humans.

Known for the thrill and the epicness, I am sure Game of Thrones will not disappoint its fans.


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