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Here’s Which Avengers Character You Are, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Alright, So I talked to Thanos and I looked at the stars. After a lot of thinking and research, I’ve found out what Avengers character you guys are according to your zodiacs. You might have tried to imagine yourself in the world of villains and superheroes and now you can see who you’d really be.

So let’s get started, shall we?

Aries: Spider-Man

Spider Man | True Face Pakistani

Aries are determined, brave, and honest. They make for great leaders and are good at making tough decisions. They are high-energy and action-oriented. Aries can also be very impulsive, getting themselves into sticky situations by acting before they’ve thought everything through. Likewise, Spider-Man is highly energetic and impulsive.

He’s brave and itching to be a superhero for the Avengers but that gets him in trouble from time to time. Both Aries and Spider-Man just want to be someone special.

Taurus: Gamora

Taurus is loyal, reliable and emotionally stable. When they are on yo

Gamora | True Face Pakistani

ur side, they are on your side for life. They are about the, we ride together we die together life. They are also very stubb

orn and hold grudges. If you cross a Taurus, it will never be forgotten. Gamora’s driving force has long been aven

ging her family and friends who were slaughtered by Thanos.

She avenges her loved ones and saves her friends without any regard for her life. Gamora is driven by loyalty, just like the Taurus.





Gemini: Loki

Gemini is a curious, flexible and adaptable sign. They are friendly in

loki | Ture Face Pakistani

nature, mischievous by heart, and pleasure-seeking individuals. They are also known to be inconsistent, nervous, and indecisive. They can also switch from one mood or personality in a moment’s notice, that is why they are thought to be somewhat untrustworthy.

Loki is just as unpredictable and flexible as Gemini.



Cancer: Hulk


Cancer is a very emotional, imaginative, thoughtful, and empathetic. hulk | True Face PakistaniHowever, their emotions can often get the best of them. They are known to be moody, manipulative, and insecure at their worst. Likewise, Bruce Banner cannot always control his emotions and turns into the Hulk. However, it’s these emotions that make the Hulk a superhero, much like how the Cancer’s connection to their emotions makes them a wonderful person.

It’s just about controlling those emotions, both for the Hulk and for Cancer.




Leo: Iron Man


Leo’s are passionate, creative, warm, and cheerful. Iron man | True Face PakistaniThey are naturally fun to be around. However, Leo’s can also be arrogant and self-centered. They love to be the center of attention and don’t react well when they aren’t. Naturally, Leo is most like Iron Man. Tony Stark is perhaps the most charismatic member of the Avengers. He’s witty, clever, and genuinely funny.

Let’s not forget the fact that Leo would totally let the world know they are iron man. Both Leo and Tony Stark could never pass up attention and adoration.



Virgo: Vision

Virgo is the hardest working sign. They are analytical, logical, and humble.Vision Avengers | True Face Pakistani They prefer to keep their head down and get their work done rather than celebrate every little victory. Virgo’s can actually be too much work and no play. Virgo’s are often critical and easily worried.

Virgo is Vision as they have the same workaholic super-strength of Vision.




Libra: Black Panther

Libra a sign of harmony. Diplomatic, fair-minded and social they are great at seeing all sides of a situation and only then reacting.

Black Panther | True Face pakistani
Black Panthers

They are a sign that fights for justice but dislikes violence. However, a Libra can also be indecisive and self-pitying.

Black Panther also fights and hopes for justice but not necessarily through means of violence. Libra is most like The Black Panther.




Scorpio: Black Widow

Scorpio is a brave and resourceful sign.Black Widow | True Face Pakistani They can find ways out of any sticky situation with their cleverness and wits. While they are very emotional people, they hide this well from others. They very are secretive and play things close to their hearts. Their distrusting nature can also make them violent and jealous.

Scorpio is The Black Widow, a superhero who is very secretive. Black Widow is also very emotional and passionate but puts up walls to protect themselves.



Sagittarius: Star-Lord

Sagittarius is an idealistic sign. They usually don’t think about the consequences, difficulties, or complications of their actions. Star Lord | True Face PakistaniBecause of this, Sagittarius can often make silly and unreasonable promises. Sagittarius is also a humorous sign, valuing laughter, travel, and new experiences. Sagittarius is Star-Lord, who often forgets to think of repercussions and makes silly promises.

Star-Lord also approaches everything with the same enthusiasm a Sagittarius does. Also, Star-Lord basically travels the universe all day, every day, which would be a dream for a Sagittarius.


Capricorn: Captain America


Capricorn is a traditionalist. They value heritage and have great respect for the elderly. Captain America | True Face PakistaniThey value things in life like marriage, career achievements, and having children. They are responsible and self-disciplined individuals. However, the Capricorn can also be arrogant and a know-it-all. Because of this, the Capricorn is Captain America. Captain American is all about doing the right thing and respecting those in positions of power, though he’s also not afraid to defy his orders when he sees fit.


Aquarius: Doctor Strange

Aquarius is a progressive and original sign. They take pride in their ability to think outside the box and question pretty much everything. They are independent and tend to distance themselves from being emotionally expressive. While the Aquarius is a humanitarian, they can often be aloof and temperamental. Aquarius is Doctor Strange, who is the most mystical and out-there of the Avengers.doctor strange | True Face Pakistani



Pisces: Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch, like the Pisces, is often underestimated, despite the fact that she is one of the most powerful members of the Avengers.

So, I guess that’s all of them. Tag your friends and see what your Avengers squad would be like.

Scarlet Witch | True Face Pakistani

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