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Indian barber Ramesh Babu inspirational story

Leonard Willoughby stated, “As you start to live as per your own direction and your own challenging everything changes totally.” Ramesh Babu, the hair stylist who turned into a tycoon, did precisely this when he was forming his astonishing fate. Accounts of individual persistence, the ones where legends conquer serious obstructions and make confounding statures of progress, have been around since the very beginning yet they never get old. They rouse us and aggravate our interests, influencing us to trust we also can go with the same pattern. Ramesh Babu purchased a Maruti Van with his pitiful reserve funds in 1994. By 2004, he had a youngster vehicle rental business with seven normal autos. In 2014 he has an armada of 200 vehicles. What is significantly increasingly uncommon is the 75 extravagance vehicles on the armada a scope of Mercedes, BMW’s, Audi’s, five and ten seater extravagance vans and, his definitive pride, a Rolls Royce.

Much of Ramesh Babu’s early life was spent in a struggle for survival. Now, ensconced in the lap of success, he remains true to the vocation of his heart- a barber. Babu took up to sniping locks in high school, a profession he inherited from his father, to keep his family afloat. It is one that, even now, he does with great aplomb. He charges only hundred rupees for his services. He has been featured in television channels and newspapers all over the country. His phenomenal success coupled with his disarming humility has earned him the moniker, ‘Millionaire Barber’. It is the title he used while giving a TED talk earlier this year. This has made him something of an urban legend. Here Ramesh Babu, the Millionaire Barber, shares his utterly inspiring story.

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