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Justice for Khadija

Justice for Khadija Case : Chief Justice of Pakistan took notice of Khadija case in Lahore on last Tuesday against acquittal man who attached on her law class mate 23 times with knife. There is huge voice from social media with Khadija on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram like as followed tweet:

Justice for Khadija

A seven-year sentence for attempted murder – reduced to five years – reduced to nothing. This is how we value a woman seeking justice with proof (multiple eye-witnesses, DNA match) – the message is loud and clear. She is reduced to nothing.

Case Report :

According to last report court has reduce the punishment against shahzaib from 7 to 5 years and now court released him, thats why the issue is raised on social media with Justice for Khadija sign and hashtag of #justiceforkhadija.

After raising voice on social media, and a voice of justice for a women in Pakistan, The Chief Justice of Pakistan Mr. Saqib Nisar took her notice.

Now the final hearing of Justice For Khadija Case will be held on 10 June 2018 in Lahore supreme court. Now in last press release Khadija said we are waiting for hearing now and this time we are hoping for positive response from supreme court. Now they are waiting for final hearing from supreme court let see what action will be taken against shahzaib after doing this type of cheap act on a girl because when he attached her he stabbed 23 times with knife and she was in swear condition, the charge apply on shahzaib is attempt to murder.

Justice for Khadija Justice for Khadija

Khadija also said that we are hoping now more than 10 years punishment for challenging court statment. The following images are related to this case in which one is from last hearing when High Court has give 7 year punishment to shahzaib, and in second image the cuts are cleared and shahzaib picture is shown in this collage.

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