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Netflix’s You Is Nothing But Story Of Millennials We Fail To See !

New york social media buff could have caught on to the thrill around the new Netflix collection You, starring Gossip Girl reputation Penn Badgley, and binge watched it within days.

Based on the unconventional written via creator Caroline Kepnes that became posted in 2014, the story of e book keeper Joe Goldberg falling in love with a traveller in his save, Guinevere Beck is not the cliched lovable romantic series that one expects it to be. The series is evolved by using Greg Berlanti and Sera Gamble and welcomes the visitors into the tale from Joe’s eyes.

Spoilers beforehand!

In the primary episode, we see Joe increase an obsession with Beck to the volume that he starts stalking her, each on-line and offline. Reading this, many of you’ll be reminded of the Bollywood movie Darr, but You is nowhere close to it.

In addition to that, it leaves the viewers with so many questions that the notion of sleep does no longer even cross their mind.

How normal is stalking?

The 10-episode collection takes the reader deep into Joe’s mind, who analyses Beck’s each circulate, from the way she walks to why she prefers paying thru a card and no longer coins.

In ordinary, routine life, card bills have emerge as a informal mode of price that we in reality do not put an excessive amount of thought into it. However, according to Joe, it turned into Beck’s way of telling him her name and additionally her deal with. And hence, he finds his way to her house.

Stalking, as is portrayed in the display, has grow to be such an integral part of our recurring existence that none people in reality realise we are invading into a person’s non-public area. Most of us spot a lady or a man in a restaurant or even at administrative center and the first intuition is to befriend them on social media and scroll through till the end in their profiles to discover the whole lot approximately them.

And we do not even realize that what we are doing is virtually stalking!

Why do women fall for the bad guys?


There might be visitors who would justify the complete collection with the everyday announcement that “women commonly fall for the awful guys!”

However, Joe Goldberg isn’t always all awful. We see a soft, paternal instinct in him inside the manner he takes care of his neighbour’s son, Paco, whose mom is in an abusive dating. He even lends Paco books that would form his idea process and additionally lets in him to work in his save to make sure his protection.

Not to mention, when he’s dating Beck, he makes her comfortable so that she will be able to awareness on her writing and additionally helps her via her emotional downfall whilst her so-known as circle of relatives offers up on her.

Well, he has ulterior reasons of course! But, in step with Joe, he turned into the knight in shining armour for the damsel in misery Beck, and it’s far with this thought that he justifies his moves.

How do you define love? Is it what Joe feels for Beck?

Many publications have been talking approximately Joe because the villain forgetting the truth that Peach (Shay Mitchell) was no exclusive.

Peach is Beck’s rich female friend, who Joe later unearths out is a lesbian. She is in love with Beck and hates the thought of sharing her with a person, similar to Joe. There is a folder in Peach’s laptop with photographs of Beck even as she is dozing, under the influence of alcohol dancing and in the tub or bare.

While each Joe and Peach fight and blame every different for harming Beck, they each accept as true with they love her the maximum and that’s sufficient to justify their moves.

Was Beck really worth all the drama?

Beck, like many millennial girls, is trying to find who she really is. Filled with self-doubt and trying to fit in this circle of rich friends, she is an aspirational writer, who believes in true love and can’t see the bad side in people. No, she isn’t innocent. There is the vindictive and selfish side to her too. It is prominent in parts when she lies about her father’s death, cheats on Joe with her therapist and then sleeps with Joe, while he is dating someone else.

That’s the catch in the show, all the characters live in their own delusional world, and the popular reactions to the show mirror the same thought process.

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