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Plastic is your Pet !

The core of humanity is invention and innovation as deems healthy. While the broad final results appears to have a promising implication, the floor fact can shatter our hearts.

In the name of sustainability and technological development, we had been creating chaos within the ecosystem of this planet since a while. The mismanagement of nature and guy-made establishments is coronary heart wrecking.

Meanwhile, plastic – an all-powerful strategy to most of our miseries – is now at the centre of the destruction of our alternatively potent planet. Aren’t we the source of all of it?

Do you know your PET?


Well, it all rounds up to 1 issue – actionable attention. Education isn’t about institutional boundaries; as a substitute, it should be such which generates focus, empowerment and applicability in a sense that high quality changes may be witnessed in our society. So do you recognize your PET?

Polyethylene Terephthalate is the maximum commonplace kind of plastic utilized in clothing, meals and liquid packing containers, and production. This PET isn’t your proper accomplice and can chew you back if no longer recycled.

Also, did you recognize that PET is 100% recyclable? Now you do. Is this data enough to be able to amend your methods of trashing, and make you pick out the righteous direction of recycling?


Maybe simply knowing the truth that PET is recyclable is not sufficient for maximum of you. So here’s what you want to do – probe into in which your PET is going.Is it just left out to roam around in the direction the wind flows and pollute the sanctity of atmosphere, or is it strategically walked down to reach a potential recyclable stage?

And through either of it, are you consciously making selections?

Because human negligence to plastic tackling and garbage recycling has allow all hell smash free!


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