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The Flintstones is getting a reboot

Everyone’s favourite Stone Age family is coming back!

According to variety, an upcoming reboot of the animated Flintstonesseries is in the works which would be a collaborative project between Warner Bros. Animation and Elizabeth Banks’ Brownstone Productions.

The project, currently in its pre-production phase is supposed to be an animated adult comedy series featuring characters from the original Flintstones.

The cartoon series originally stretched over six seasons and over 150 episodes on ABC between 1960 and 1966. Prior to The Simpsons, it was the longest running show in the category in primetime in the history of television.

The Flintstones aired on Cartoon Network in Pakistan as it followed the misadventures of the titular modern Stone Age family comprising of Fred, Wilma, Pebbles and family pet Dino. The show also heavily featured the Flintstones’ neighbours, the Rubbles — Fred’s best friend Barney, Wilma’s best friend Betty, and their son, Bamm-Bamm.

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